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Migrate Your Workloads/Applications to Azure/AWS Today!

Migrate your workloads/applications to Microsoft Azure/Amazon Web Services today! Our team of experts will carefully plan, design, and deploy your business’s hardware and software to your new cloud platform or migrate your existing workloads to Azure or AWS. You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the highest level of customer service and support from our team of Microsoft experts, which have migrated over 500 businesses in the past year alone! Contact us today to get started!

Who are the right customers?

Companies that are looking to migrate their workloads and applications from a Microsoft physical data center, private, public, or community cloud are the right customers. Migrating your workloads and applications can have a number of advantages over maintaining your current environment. These companies are also at risk of spending more time on managing the environment than they have on innovation. This can cost these companies in both dollars and time. However, there is an option for them today called Migrate My Workload. This service migrates physical data center, private, public or community cloud workloads and applications from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. It also enables new users with no previous knowledge of Azure or AWS environments to deploy them quickly with few clicks. It simplifies migration by using one management interface with advanced automation capabilities and wizards so customers do not have to make manual changes across disparate systems. Finally, this service monitors each application as it migrates so you can ensure proper function after migration is complete. If you’re interested in migrating your workloads and applications from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, contact us today for more information about Migrate My Workload

How does it work?

Azure migration and AWS migration are services that migrate your existing workloads or applications from their physical data center, private, public or community cloud environment over to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
When you choose one of our migration services, you can rest easy knowing that we have the infrastructure and talent needed to move even the most complex workloads around with ease.
We will also help address any challenges such as archiving and decommissioning data that may arise during the migration process.
This not only helps maintain compliance standards but also reduces costs. Migrating a workload might seem scary at first; but in actuality migrating an entire datacenter is a surprisingly simple and streamlined process due to the standardized hardware architecture these providers use.

What scenarios will it solve?

Businesses that want to migrate their workloads or applications from an on-premises data center, public cloud provider (such as Amazon Web Services), or a private cloud platform (such as VMware vCloud) to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s public cloud services (Azure and Windows Server). – Enterprises that are looking for the flexibility of moving an existing workload from one environment to another without having to recreate it. – Organizations that want to move their workloads off of legacy infrastructure onto more modern, scalable architectures.
Companies who need some added security for their application layer by moving it into the Microsoft Cloud.

How do you get started?

The first step is getting a quote. It’s important that you know how much the service will cost before you start the migration process and we can provide that information for free. The second step is to get informed. Make sure you understand what it means to migrate your workloads, and what it means for your business if anything goes wrong during migration. We’ll be happy to provide all the necessary information. Finally, once you’re ready to start, we’ll work with you on a timeline for when we move each workload or application over and keep in touch throughout the entire process so that everything runs smoothly from the beginning until the end.


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